Athletic SymmetryAthletic Symmetry, headed by former Kansas City Royals strength coach Stephen Gamma. Gamma (ATC, CSCS), a former strength coach for the World Champion Kansas City Royals organization, and his staff will provide assessments, training and corrective therapy.

Coach Gamma and his staff will be available for private skill and sport-specific performance training and small-group and team strength & conditioning for athletes of all sports. Performance programs include Speed, Agility & Quickness Training for all sports, Arm Strength Training for baseball, softball and football and a Bat Speed Training for baseball and softball. For more information, visit:





Make Your Arm an ASSET not a LIABILITY!

long-tosssmSince 2004, our long toss program has helped players gain an average of 4.2 MPH per off-season. The program consists of a Pre-Long Toss Screen which identifies and provides correctives for potential injury risk factors, a 90-minute orientation with an instructor and an off-season throwing schedule at Pro Prospects. Our players have experienced velocity gains with as few as 12 sessions but we recommend 24 sessions per off-season for maximum benefit.

Coach Gamma designed this program to improve your functional bat speed. The programs includes exercises and drills geared towards increasing your powerhitting potential.

Starter Package Includes:

  • An orientation/walk through with an instructor (1 hour)
  • A mid-point exit velocity test and mechanical ‘tweak’ session
  • Your first 4 workouts

*We recommend a 16 or more sessions for maximum benefit

Speed, Agility & Quickness Classes

This program is guaranteed to improve your playing speed, specifically high velocity acceleration, deceleration and the ability to dynamically stabilize your body in all planes of motion (running cutting & changing directions).

  • Enhance Athletic Performance
  • Increase Speed
  • Improve Body Stabilization
  • Minimize Athletic Injuries